Famous Fashion Designers from Bobon

Puey Quiñones

Some very talented folks from Bobon and are not only nationally famous but are also winning praise from abroad. They are Puey Quiñones and Dennis Lustico, who are both from Bobon. Puey Quiñones is the "it" drsigner of the moment, dressing the country's more famous celebrities and the political elite. From Kris Aquino to Ruffa Gutierrez, you name it, they have donned Puey. Puey Quiñones was born in Bobon N.Samar to a policeman father and a high school biology teacher mother who loves fashion.
Puey Quiñones
Puey Quiñones' journey to stardom all started when his townmate, Dennis Lustico made it big in Manila and was also the celebs favorite. Dennis Lustico took in the young Puey as an intern and soon after they became colleagues. And the rest as they say is history.


If They Only Have A Northern Samar Highway

northern samar
So much has been said about the highway to and from Tacloban City, and how dilapidated it is, If They Only Have A Northern Samar Highway..Why? Because it was built through the specifications and direct supervision of the Australian Government, and as is the case of Western standards, up to now, the highway, 20 or so years after is still well and good, despite the numerous severe storms it has weathered.