Northern Samar Memories

Northern Samar is such a lovely place with its amazing sandy white beaches, emerald green rivers, balmy islands, quaint villages, and that Ayer Rock of the Philippines, the Biri Rock Formations. Trust me, there are so much more that Northern Samar can offer. An American friend recently visited and she said she loved it so much in here but too bad she had to leave to work all year round but she promised to be back after earning enough for a trip back to the Philippines next year. I was able to capture all the places we visited in Northern Samar in photographs.

Since I wanted to give her a copy of the photographs for her to remember her wonderful holiday in the Philippines, I thought it would be best that I not have the images printed in photographic paper but just have the photographs collated and presented in an elegant and stylish presentation in a computer software. After laboring for such a mighty long hour, I was able to do a fairly good job at it and the finished product is going to be burned into a CD so she can have it printed in the US where I guess they have a better printing facility and an array of innovations in such a field of new technology. I choose to burn it on a Verbatim CD-R. I choose this particular brand because before I did the burning part, I had to do some little research and stumbled upon a CD-R review blog, and they had a glowing review of how sturdy and reliable the brand is. Knowing that it will contain precious memories of us together, I did not take any chances and went for the quality brand. The CD that I made can be played not only in her PC but on her standalone DVD Player as well. So there. I hope to see her again next year and I hope she gets to enjoy her stay again here.