President Arroyo to visit Lope De Vega too

President Arroyo will inspect ongoing infrastructure projects in Lope de Vega on Monday, Sept. 29, as well. This will be the President's first itinerary before proceeding to Silvino Lobos.

President Arroyo will arrive at the Calbayog City Airport at 2 p.m., then motor to the town and conduct windshield inspection of the Catarman-Calbayog via Lope de Vega Road.

The Catarman-Calbayog-Lope de Vega Road project spans 47.33 kilometers and costs P643.72 million.

Upon her arrival at the Lope de Vega municipal hall, she will receive a briefing on the town’s ongoing and proposed infrastructure projects.

She will also be briefed on other Northern Samar infrastructure projects, including the proposed rehabilitation of the 44.25-km. San Isidro-Lope De Vega Road that will cost P1.243 billion

President Arroyo to Visit Silvino Lobos

President Arroyo is scheduled to visit on September 29, Silvino Lobos, a sleepy 5th class municipality in Northern Samar and will be the first ever President of the Philippines to visit the town. And with this prospect in hand, the town is alive with excitement of having the privilege of being visited by the President for the first time. There were even suggestions to capture the President's footsteps on a cement mixture to perpetuate the first visit of the Highest Official of the Philippines in Silvino Lobos.

Silvino Lobos Mayor Edmund Guillamac exclaimed that the people of Silvino Lobos is looking forward to the scheduled visit of the President because this is the first time that the town will be visited by the number one official of the country.

Silvino Lobos is not that easily accessible. It could be reached by motorboat or banca through the Pambujan River in Pambujan town which is the third town from the capital town of Catarman. The other towns before Pambujan are Mondragon and San Roque. After the boat ride, the duration of which is determined by the tide, one has to climb a hill.

During her visit, the President will preside in the groundbreaking of two-classroom school buildings at the Silvino Lobos Elementary School.

It will also be an early Christmas treat from the President as the President will lead a feeding program and distribute family packs, school supplies and medicines for the 1,500 pupils of Silvino Lobos Elementary School.

Silvino Lobos is one of the ten depressed municipalities of Northern Samar which have been identified as the pilot municipalities for the President's Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4P's) for the extremely poor families.

Blast in Catarman

A blast, which possibly came from a grenade or a bomb, happened inside Camp Carlos Delgado in Catarman last Wednesday at around 3 P.M. The blast occurred while about 300 Colegio de San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila (CSLRM) students were gathered at the Camp Carlos Delgado's basketball court to watch a game, which was part of the school’s founding anniversary celebration. Two students died and two others, including a 6-year-old boy, suffered injuries.

The fatalities were identified as Gilmark Marino, 18, a student of the Colegio de San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila (CSLRM), and Robert Rominez, 11, Grade 5 student of Catarman 1 Central Elementary School.

The two injured were 6-year-old Rafael Mendez, a daycare pupil at Camp Delgado, and Michael Guevarra, 21, also a student of CSLRM, who were hit by the blast. The two suffered serious injuries in different parts of their bodies.

The cause of the explosion is still under investigation but some witnesses said they saw the two younger victims, Rominez and Mendez, playing with an unidentified object at the “restricted” firing range, about a hundred meters away from the crowd.


Daza admits Northern Samar is Poorest

Northern Samar Governor Raul Daza admitted in the 8th Samar Island Partnership for Peace and Development (SIPPaD) forum at the Ibabao Hall, Northern Samar Capitol Building held on Sept. 19 the sad plight of the province of Northern Samar. Daza mentioned the latest report of the National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB). Based on this report, Northern Samar is the number one poorest province in the Eastern Visayas Region and number seven in the entire Philippines. In 2003, during his first term, the same agency rated Northern Samar as number two in the entire country in terms of good governance. Daza has served in office in various capacity before becoming Governor. He was also a several termer Congressman representing the Province since the 1960's. That's why it is unthinkable to say the least, that he is just coming to terms with the bad bad situation of the Province.

I hope this is not lip service but Governor Daza explained in the forum that good governance could not guarantee better economic condition for the people. Daza told the participants that he is continuously looking for means to reconcile the gap between his good governance and the poor economic condition of his constituents. (Well, TRY HARDER, it apparently is NOT WORKING!)

Earlier in a press conference, Daza’s son, Congressman Paul Daza, of the 1st District, blamed the geographical location of Northern Samar for its being poor. Cong. Daza told local reporters that N. Samar has “geographical disadvantage” compared to other provinces which have improved economic climate.

Cong. Daza explained that the province belonged to the country’s typhoon belt and it was far from business capitals in the Philippines like Leyte which was also the source of electricity supply. The far distance from Tongonan Geothermal Power Plant to Northern Samar caused the frequent brownouts in the province.

Wow, what an incompetent family! So you're just going to just sit it out and wait for the gods to do something about it before something is done? And the geographical location excuse is simply stupid. In truth and in fact, Northern Samar is along the major national highway of the Philippines connecting Visayas and Luzon. It is, coupled with, innovative and GOOD Governance, can takeoff to become the country's richest.