Biri Rock Formations

Photos and video of a group of students from the University of Eastern Philippines aka UEP, Catarman campus, on a picnic in the famous rock formations in Biri.

Biri, an island municipality located off the northernmost part of Samar island, is home to beachfront resorts and vacation houses. The Biri rock formations was the locale for a Richard Gomez, Dawn Zulueta and Maricel Laxa movie in the 90's directed by Chito Rono. Director Chino Rono fell in love with the place that he built a vacation house in the area.

Biri island is a favorite destination for Northern Samar locals and balikbayans and is getting to be a hideaway among foreigners too because it offers a more genteel ambience than a party island like Boracay..

A day tour around the island in a local mode of transpo called a "habal-habal" can be an adventure-like activity too and is the only way to get to any point in the island and a sure way to enmesh in the local culture.

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