Rep. Paul Daza, Top 10 Richest Congressman of the Philippines

Northern Samar 1st District representative Paul Daza, son of incumbent Northern Samar Governor Raul Daza, made the cut of the Top 10 Richest Congressmen of the Philippines for 2008 placing 10th with assets of P137,900,000 (137.9 Million). And i am aghast, simply because Northern Samar belongs to the Top 10 Poorest Provinces in the Philippines.

I am not insinuating anything here, the said information was supplied by them in their declaration of assets and liabilities, the good congressman may have earned those legitimately but if i have that kind of wealth and i see that my constituents are barely able to get by in a given day, i will have a hard time sleeping soundly.


  1. Why should we lose sleep over that? If he's rich, then good for him. What matters is what he does for his district in terms of legislations that translate to improve our lives in terms of food security, energy, education, livelihood, environment, etc.

    Kofi Baracko

  2. It is unfortunate that comments/suggestions are subject to approval because this does not encourage a free exchange of ideas and information. I understand that you do not wish to include derogatory statements, much less obscene remarks, but many of your readers understand their freedom and set their own limits.

  3. How do these people get rich as employees of the government? Hanky-panky? Under the table settlements? Re-selling the same land over and over again? I see the same resort being sold year by year by different owners... what a big racket !!! We want our share LOL

  4. sana matulungan nya ang batang nakuryente sa dropwire doon sa brgy. dalakit noong feb. 25, wala kasing pambayad ang mga parents para mag kaso! kawawang bata hindi maka kuha ng hustisya dahil sa kawalan ng pera habang ang iba ay siksik at liglig sa kuarta!

  5. Mr Daza, the present Governor of Northern Samar is a man of integrity. He is honest, driven, and hardworking.

    Anyone who has met and come to know Paul Daza understands immediately this man has 'drive'. His work ethics are stellar. His character is honest. He has succeeded financially because of his intellect and paid his dues studying for degrees that gave him the knowledge to build businesses. After a extremely successful career ( one that he earned enough money to provide well for his own family), he has decided to be paid a small amount of money by the Philippines government ( in comparison to his corporate salary) to help his province where his family came from originally. He gave up his valued USA green card, to return to the Philippines to help his people......
    Imagine that?

    I believe this in itself says alot.
    It says he cares and wants to use his knowledge to help his people. Why is it wrong to be rich and still have a heart to serve the poor?

    The time is now for a new age of educated private sector experienced politicians ( whether or not they have a lot or a little money in their bank account)to hold office. Maybe, with any luck his honest and driven approach will create change in Northern Samar. I hope so.

    I suggest anyone who questions his wealth to do their homework. Go research his background. Then come back and raise proper questions if need be. But, don't just make a 'blanket' comment without concrete facts.....

    an American from San Francisco California who has worked with Paul Daza

  6. im in love with paul daza! he's a superman of our generation!

  7. I agree with Mr. American from San Francisco. Gov. Daza worked as a brilliant lawyer in the US, and his wealth came from there plus some revenue stream from various companies he owns and his salary during his stint in MRT. He gave it up his good life because he was an obedient son..of course his dad wanted somebody who could take over his place/work...and he wanted to serve the Nortehanons...so far he has shown sincerity..everyday, this guys thinks about how to improve the lives of nortehanons..from health, education, power, infrastructures...he is able to network with the doh secretary and deped secretary...he is very articulate...In short, this person is actually overqualified for his position..I think nobody else in northern samar could equal his accomplishments, intelligence and eloquence...sorry to say that..and I strongly believe that the nortehanons are very privilege to have him as their leader...just watch him and see the results..inggit lang kayo...mabuti nga at mayaman na siya at hindi na sya magpapayaman at magnanakaw pa sa kaban ng bayan...if only you could see him..he dresses simply..check out his gadgets..very basic lang...maangas yes..kasi syempre laking amerika at matalino..pero talagang grabe magtrabaho..bilib ako..ang mga staff nya disiplinado..gusto nya aksyon agad..mabuhay po kayo Gov. Paul Daza

  8. I know Paul as we've worked together before. He used to drive a truck in the states. Not your usual with a "rich kid" syndrome. He's down to earth and cares genuinely.

  9. wag kayo maniwala dyan... puro pag titipid ginagawa nya sa mga empleyado nya..

  10. Nice then...and i'm sure if we talk TOP 10 Richest mayor in NORTHERN SAMAR aside from DAZA's family...Mayor QUINTIN B. SALUDAGA would be in the first top of it... :)


  12. is he married?

  13. I personally know Gov. Paul Daza.

    I've know this man for almost 15 years now. Back then, we used to play basketball together in North Greenhills.

    He is such a simple person.

    I remember back then he even did not carry a wallet with him every time he goes to the court. He would just place his money in a small plastic bag. He just brings Php 200 to pay for the use of the court & to pay for the drinks he consumed.

    See how down to earth this person is?

    In those 15 years, never had I seen him as an extravagant person nor did he ever flaunt his wealth. Such a down to earth man.

    I believe his wealth all came from years of hard work & living simply.

    More power to my friend Gov. Paul Daza! Mabuhay ka!


  14. Yang milyones ni Paul galing yn sa pera sa kaban ng pobreng northern samar walang duda. trabho nyan sa america researcher ng bangko, tax associate, tax intern, partner ng law firm na Daza HWu ,tapos dito sa pinas vice president ng metrorail transit. Kahit pa pagsama-samahin ang lahat ng kinita niya dito, at kahit pa 20yrs siya magtrabaho at ipunin niya lahat kinita niya, hindi siya makakaipon kahit 50 milyon. Magkano lang ang sweldo ng researcher sa banko tax associate at tax intern sa america? Yung law firm naman kanila rin yon na hinahawakan mga fraudulent cases na physical injury. ang pagka-alam ko kaya yan umuwi dahil iniimbistigahan na yan doon sa america.

  15. si paul siya ang taong mahilig magtago sa mga mabubuting gawa nya. a silent worker but an effective one.