Cheap Calls to Northern Samar Philippines

If you have family, relatives, a fiancee or close friends in the United States of America or the United Kingdom and those folks regularly call you in Northern Samar or any Philippine phone codes. You may tell them about this useful service called Rebtel. Rebtel is easy to use and does not require great technical skills to use. If you are already familiar with Skype, Rebtel is similar to Skype, but it is so much better.

Unlike Skype, it doesn’t require customers to download special software or use a separate device for making phone calls. You can use your existing mobile phone as it was intended for use, call and sms. You provide them an international number, they provide you a local number. Use your regular phone to call the local Rebtel number that they gave you. They will then connect the call over the Internet and pass the savings on to you. Allowing for cheap international, mobile-to-mobile communications. No more PINs. No more phone cards. You just tell Rebtel what you want by entering your friend's name and international number and Rebtel gives you a unique local number for each friend. Create it once, and it will be saved to your phone and kept as long as you want to.

As you can see, Rebtel is more than just a calling service. It is also about availing of cheap and honest international calls really. You can save up to 95% by calling their local numbers from your mobile phone. Free mobile calls between 50 countries or pay Rebtel’s low rates. And you can do so thru iPhone, Android and BlackBerry apps too. Rebtel is not all about calling Philippines. You can also do international SMS. They have a cheap pricing scheme for international SMS from the web or mobile. Their customer service staff are of topnotch quality too, that is, if you ever encounter any problem given the excellent service that they put out there.

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