The Sad and Sorry State of the Catarman Airport

The view of the Catarman Airport from the airplane's window upon arrival from Manila is a sorry and sad one. A portion of the roof and ceiling is about to fell off. The roof and its paint is a battered one. Getting your luggage takes a long time and is a total chaos, a free for all manual exercise that even shames a bus terminal. The airport is very cramped and passengers are often left with the choice to sit on the dirty benches that are not actually benches but a fence for the plants adorning the airport entrance. When I arrived, I sat on one of the seats in the Departure area, none in the Arrivals area, while waiting for my ride to come. The airport cleaning staff and personnel had to rudely do some other things to shoo me away but not directly just say to me that the airport will close, after just 15 minutes that the plane had landed so I will have to wait in the cement fence cum bench.

When I left for Manila, I noticed that the Pre-departure area section, always haS been cramp, is now also very hot. It used to have air-conditioning. Security is very lax, which is a bit disconcerting given that Northern Samar is still rebel infested. Before the 2010 elections, there was a billboard proclaiming that the Catarman airport will be renovated complete with a rendering of the proposed project but nothing came out of it. This is also the airport where it has been featured nationally on television as the only airport with an active to traffic road cutting through it. I could go on and on, but let the pictures do the talking.


  1. I was at the airport last Sunday and I am happy to see the ongoing construction. I hope ito na ang katuparan of the proclamation you saw on that billboard ;)

  2. Sana nga po maayos na po yung airport terminal ng Catarman dahil ito po ang nagiging ist impression at nakikita ng mga bibisita ng Northern Samar.Maaasahan po ba namin ang mga elected government officials responsible for the repair of the Catarman Airport terminal at the soonest possible time?Monitor po namin kung magkakaroon ng action dito ganun din po ang walang tigil na brown outs sa probinsya.-Concerned citizen of Catarman

  3. Any updates po regarding the ongoing constructions/improvements of the Catarman airport terminal?Am from Catarman and now based abroad and i would love to see latest photos on the ongoing improvements being done by the provincial government.With regard to the never-ending black-outs too being experienced by my fellow Nortehanons,we do hope these problems will now have the solutions.Bangon Northern Samar!!!

    1. As per information from the Governor's office the notice to proceed for the repair/rehabilitation of the Catarman Airport was issued last April 2012. However, until now construction activities seems halted for no apparent reason.

  4. well..... it should be the job of the provencial goverment to make the electricity efficient and dependible.i dont see it ever since....tirrible

  5. May we know the exact reason why it was halted?As taxpayers,i think we

    have the right to know where our taxes go.With regard to the unending

    electricity black-outs in the province that hamper the development

    of Northern Samar,we do hope that our beloved provincial governor

    will prioritize and give utmost attention in solving this obstacle.