Priest Bikes for Life and Peace

" A Filipino Catholic Redemptorist Priest based in Mindanao" as he describes himself, Fr. Amado Picardal bikes around the Philippines to promote life and peace. He is in his Northern Samar leg. In his blog, he said:

So far, I have already biked 3,890 km. I have already started the Eastern Visayas legs of my journey. Ed Bisco and Ed Rabago will be going back to Luzon tomorrow and the Catarman bikers will bike with me as far as Laoang - 48 km from Catarman. From there I will be biking alone along the an area which, like Sorsogon, has been affected by the armed conflict between the government forces and the New People's army. It's environment has been damaged by logging and mining. This is an area where the culture of death, violence and corruption reign.

I hope the Catholic Church as a whole also realizes what he just stated as obvious, that there is still an armed guerilla force in this country after all these times. And that they also have a military arm and a political arm. And that everything cannot be solved by an armed insurgency. What is ironic is that every Communist regime that took power, one of the very first thing that they do is to suppress freedom and religion, they even destroy churches. We go in circles..

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