Tindahan Natin outlet scam in Catarman

A Tindahan Natin outlet in Catarman is being investigated by the National Food Authority (NFA) into allegations that it has been diverting government rice and selling these to local traders instead of their intended beneficiaries, the poor and the indigents of Catarman and the entire province of Northern Samar as a whole.

Tindahan Natin is a program of the National Food Authority (NFA) under the Office Of The President, tasked to sell to the intended beneficiaries a mandated and subsidized price of P18.25 per kilo of the so-called NFA Rice.

A Concerned Citizen of Northern Samar took it upon himself to expose this scam and complained to the National Food Authority (NFA). The kibitzer wrote the NFA alleging that the Tindahan Natin outlet sells NFA rice at P19 per kilo, 75 centavos higher than the mandated P18.25 per kilo. The complainant also alleged that the operator sells NFA rice to local businessmen at P1,100 to P1,200 per sack. The traders sell the rice to consumers at P25 per kilo, the price of commercial-grade government rice.

NFA regional manager Benjamin Marta said he instructed their provincial office in Northern Samar to look into the complaint made by the concerned citizen. If the outlet operator is found guilty, his accreditation will be cancelled.

Mr. Marta explained his action by saying that, "If we cancel accreditation, it is not the store owner who will suffer but the people who buy the rice because they will be deprived of their right to buy cheaper rice."


  1. please investigate also tindahan natin in mountain province because it was the nfa employees who connive to the local businessman in rice diversion

  2. please ivestigate also the nfa office in bontoc mountain province for conniving with local businessman in rice diversion

  3. what else is new....it's often the poor and the innocent who will suffer bakit hinde pa hulihin ang mga walang hiya na iyan. lagi nalang denideprived and mga poor. how is P19k compare to the mandate of P18.25K a kilo cheaper. impose bigger penalties to the owner and lose the license to sell. A 75cents difference will go a long way if you are poor. baka...kasagwat sila sa kupit o baka meron under da table ang limos sa mga autoridad kaya hinde hinuhuli....just an opinion. diz is why pilipinas will never tagumpay dahil daming magnanakaw... pilipinas will always be a third world country dahil mga utak puto. pwe! we are 90% catholic nation we go to churches every sunday etc. but most people always resort to swindling kahit centavos basta't maka kupit. i don't understand when you listen to the doctrin of catholism thou shalt not steal pagkatapos ng simba...everyone goes about their merry stealing way. authorities always looking at the other way as long as money is placed at da palm of their hands everything is okay... pwe! dble pwe!

  4. Totally agree to Dec 27, 2009 comments. Unbelievable huh? Corruptions has been part of this country as far as I can remember over half century ago and I do not foresee any improvment any time soon. It ruins and destroys the economy. The sad part about it is that not one of the presidents are able to control such a hugh problem in this country. It only got worsen. Catholic is a dangerous religion so much killings and corruptive practices. I highly doubt that this country will ever passed the third world country classification. So much dishonesty. God only knows and punishes those that are deceitful.

  5. CORRUPTIONS, CORRUPTIONS, CORRUPTIONS!!!! So what's new? Corruptions are mentioned all over there is a Philippines web site. Shame on the politicians and for the people who vote for their corrupted candidates. This country will never change. If there is CORRUPTIONS there is poverty. CORRUPTIONS are practiced and enforced on every government officials. Sorry na lang.

  6. ...this is what we say the problem in our system.