Asian Spirit Airlines is now ZestAir

Asian Spirit Airlines used to be the only airline serving the province of Northern Samar for years (or is it a decade already) since Philippine Airlines booted it off its list of destinations because of cost cutting and a new business model. Asian Spirit Airlines flourished, and had several flights to the capital, Catarman. Recently, Philippine Airlines, via its budget airline, PAL Express, inaugurated a three flights weekly schedule to Catarman at Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. This forced Asian Spirit Airlines to reduce its flight frequency to Catarman to just two flights a week on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

In a new and i hope better development, Asian Spirit Airlines has been acquired by the business magnate, Alfred Yao, of Export Bank and Zesto Corp. hence the new name of Asian Spirit Airlines, ZestAir. Oh and BTW, ZestAir's tagline is Asia's Most Refreshing Airline. I just hope they lived up to that, i had horrible memories riding Asian Spirit Airlines..in law school, i remember our professor, MLQU Law Dean Abraham Espejo (Borgy Manotoc's lawyer!), cracking a joke that goes something like this, riding Asian Spirit is like flying as an Asian and landing as a "Spirit!" LOL.

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