Dolphin killed in Allen

A Dolphin was killed by dynamite fishing in Allen. Mayor Laureana Suan confirmed that last week she has received a report about an endangered specie of dolphin that was slaughtered by some unscrupulous fishermen in a coastal barangay of Guinarawayan, about six kilometers away from the poblacion of Allen.

The dolphin was caught by the unidentified fishermen in San Bernardino Strait using dynamite. The dolphin was reportedly still alive when brought to the shore by the fishermen. The dolphin was also reportedly yelling or crying while it was being stabbed/slaughtered. What a horrible thing to do by this ignoramus!! With this, they have done a double whammy. They were not only fishing using dynamites, which is criminally illegal, but also have killed a protected specie, which is also criminal.

Mayor Suan who's residence faces the San Bernardino Strait, nostalgically recalled that she used to see dolphins along the San Bernardino Strait while crossing it aboard a ferryboat.

The Mayor has tasked the police to investigate and apprehended the culprit fisherfolks.

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